Our products are built to withstand the toughest of conditions – and if maintained in the right way – they will also last for generations. We therefore take pride in providing the best possible service experience for you and your Metsjö product. 

We aim to answer you and ship spare parts within the same day, whether you need help with an order or have a technical request. Thanks to the fact that we have been in the business for many years, we have most spare parts in stock for products produced within the last 25 years.

Please contact us for spare part orders:

+46 13 480 15 69
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Technical Support:
+46 13 480 15 56
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To improve our products and services, we follow our trailers through their product life.Please keep the product serial number at hand when contacting us.

Our extensive service network is designed to ensure that you are always up and running. The process is separated into three layers, depending on your specific service need. With this approach, we can make sure that your Metsjö product performs optimally and will last for generations with a minimal service cost. 

In the first instance, you or your local Metsjö service partner perform the service and contact us remotely if advice is needed. Spare parts can be sent from Metsjö.  

If advanced support is required, we have the ability to send out a service car dedicated to fix the problem on site.  

For significant issues, for example due to an accident, Metsjö has a factory level service hall where we mount add-ons and perform advanced service.