Outstanding comfort at high speeds

MetaQ is Scandinavia's best-selling tractor-drawn trailer. And for good reason. Our trailers in the MetaQ series use a new hydraulic technology that increases comfort at high speeds — with lower fuel consumption than previous technical solutions. To further support stability, our trailers use a low center of gravity and can be equipped with the largest wheels on the market. They are also constructed using high-strength steel, enabling both low soil compaction and low fuel consumption.

22–28 %

lower fuel consumption with Metsjö compared to traditional wagons.

To increase stability and avoid unnecessary friction on components, we use front-mounted tipping cylinders based on sound physics, which reduces the wear on the wagon.

Due to our long experience, we know how high-strength materials, telescopic cylinders and components operate in an agricultural environment. Our insights help us keep the construction light while maximizing product lifetime.

We degrease, blast, preheat and paint our wagons with two-component paint. We also harden the paint with high heat to withstand tough climates and salty environments.

We use smart and unique solutions, such as laser fitted high-quality axles with optimized steering geometry. We also construct our trailer so that large wheels can be fitted. Our product can therefore easily follow the tractor on road and in heavy terrain.

Our products consist of smart solutions and attention to detail. For example, rubber cushions and lubricated joints for quieter and more gentle functions as well as water drainage and dirt-repellent constructions for long-lasting and easy use.

All production takes place in our factory in Sweden, which means that we have full control over the product and can offer a high level of customer customization. We are welding certified according to ISO 3834-2, all our welders are certified and our production is environmentally certified. Furthermore, we have WPQRs and the possibility for full component traceability.

Proven benefits

Independent studies conclude that our trailers consume approximately 25 % less fuel on mixed road terrain with 50 % lower soil compaction compared to conventional trailers with similar load capacity.

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