Bröderna Bladins Maskinstation

Bröderna Bladins Maskinstation

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”We need wagons with great
accessibility and stability —
even in difficult terrain”

On a farm just outside of Linköping, Sweden, we find Bröderna Bladins Maskinstation — a second-generation family business. The company was founded in the sixties, but has been run by the two brothers, Marcus and Andreas, since 2001. With a new generation in charge, the need for new and modern agricultural machines has increased. And when the more than 20-year-old wagons needed to be replaced, the brothers turned to Metsjö.

“The weather is our biggest daily challenge. Therefore, it was important to invest in a wagon with great accessibility. In addition, it has to be stable in difficult terrain. Metsjö checked all the boxes, especially since they use hydraulic suspension and steerable axles,” says Marcus. 

But wagons from Metsjö have been used on the farm for a long time. The first hook lifter was purchased in 2005, and now they have silage, gravel, and grain containers as well. 

“Wagons from Metsjö have been around since the beginning in one way or another. Besides great accessibility, they also enable fast tipping. It's always nice when it goes fast, so you don't have to spend more time than necessary.”  

The Bladin family business has grown over the years and now offers a wide range of services in mature transportation, baling, contracting, and chopping. A wide range of agricultural machines is also required to handle the various tasks.  

Marcus concludes:  

“We offer a wide range of services. In the summer, we transport a lot of grass and manure, while the focus in winter shifts to keeping roads free from ice and snow. Regardless, we need agricultural machines that are stable and can withstand tough conditions — in all types of weather.