Ny teknik ger högre komfort i Metsjös senaste vagn


New technology provides greater comfort in Metsjö’s latest trailer

METSJÖ, Linköping (21 March 2023) 

Ivarssons in Metsjö launches a new model in the MetaQ series, the MetaQ 51. MetaQ is Scandinavia's best-selling tractor drawn trailer series based on turnover. MetaQ 51 replaces traditional parabolic bogie suspension with hydraulic suspension. The wagon's new hydraulic technology provides better comfort at high speeds, at a lower price than previous technical solutions. MetaQ 51 has been developed over 5 years and there are already around 40 wagons on the market. 

The new trailer is built in high-strength steel with a construction that provides both low soil compaction and low fuel consumption. The center of gravity is lower which increase stability and traffic safety. The MetaQ 51 builds on Metsjö's container changer system and can be equipped with all MetaX sized containers. The new wagon's low-built axle suspension with 7.3 CBM dumper body has a low load height of 1.8 meters, which is advantageous when loading with a mini loader. The trailer can be equipped with large wheels 800/40 22.5, which in combination with the trailers low own weight of 3.5 tons results in low ground compaction. 

Ivarsson i Metsjö's CEO Anders Ivarsson points out certain characteristics that he believes will attract customers: 

"Accessibility in difficult terrain, low ground compaction and being able to drive at high speed are of importance to many professional customers. The MetaQ series, which otherwise consists of the larger trailers MetaQ 60, 75 and 95, has become a concept in northern Europe. The MetaQ 51 is a nice trailer with great technical advantages at an attractive price tag.” 


MetaQ 51 holds up to 21 CBM of grain, 14 CBM Dumper mass, 29 CBM of Forage and can also be equipped with a machine flatbed. Container length: 5 meters. 

The chassis height can be adjusted 35 cm through the hydraulic suspension. Automatic adjustment of braking force is standard. The load weight can be shown to the driver. MetaQ 51 can also be equipped with ABS brakes and automatic anti-theft and traffic safety functions.