Ny flakväxlare med lasthöjd på under 1 meter


New Hook lift with load height less than 1 meter

METSJÖ, Linköping (10 Okt 2023) 

Ivarssons in Metsjö is launching a new hook lift model, MetaFlex 50-65 Low. The new hook lift model is low-built with a chassis height of 95 cm when changing the container. This is up to 40 cm lower than other hook lifts. The low chassis height provides an excellent geometry when changing containers, which means a more stable and faster container change with a lower angle on the container. It is an advantage to have as low angle on the load being changed as possible, especially if you are changing fragile products with a low angle of descent, for example. The low height also means that tall machines of 3 meters can be moved with the hook lift. The MetaFlex 50-65 builds on Metsjö's 15-year-old Hook lift model MetaFlex 50-65 with hydraulic suspension. Metsjö has built hook lifters for 30 years and trailers for 65 years. 

The new hook lift is built in high-strength steel and has a construction that provides both high load capacity and a low net weight of 4.3 tons. To enable the low-built construction, the hook lift has raised brake bells, which provides good ground clearance. The MetaFlex 50-65 Low has a long bogie for increased legal payload and better distribution of the load weight. The center of gravity is lower, which increases stability and traffic safety. The trailer can be equipped with large 800 wheels, which in combination with the trailer’s low net weight provides low ground compaction and great stability. 

Anders Ivarsson, CEO of Ivarssons in Metsjö, emphasizes certain characteristics that he believes will attract customers: 

"We are further developing our container hook lifts with MetaFlex 50-65 Low. A hook lift is better the lower it is built, given the improved ground clearance. This means that we do not have to compromise on other technical features, for example the hook lift can still be equipped with large wheels and has the same low weight, and telescopic tipp cylinder, just like before.” 


MetaFlex 50-65 Low can take standard containers in 5 to 6.5 meter lengths. It has hydraulic suspension with laser-aligned axles and can adjust the chassis height 35 cm. The wagon has a utility shifting and tipping force of 22 tonnes. The container changer has a steering rear axle as standard and is 7.5 meters long.