Högre lastvikt i Metsjös nya balvagn


Higher loads in Metsjö’s new bale trailer

METSJÖ, Sweden (9 Maj 2023) 

Ivarssons in Metsjö is launching a new bale wagon model, MetaBale. Bales pressed in modern presses are becoming more compact and heavier than before, while today's tractors go faster and faster. There is thus a need to increase the load capacity and speed capability of modern bale wagons. MetaBale, which has had the traditional suspension upgraded to hydraulic suspension, gets better comfort at high speeds and increases the load capacity. MetaBale's chassis is based on Metsjö's well-known wagon tipp-trailer model MetaQ 60, which has been on the market for over 30 years. MetaBale's hydraulic load securing system is based on Metsjö's Mooring construction, where the load securing pipes lie just below the side of the flatbed in the lowered position. 

The new trailer is built in high-strength steel and has a construction that provides both high load capacity and low net weight. MetaBale has a long bogie for increased legal payload and better distribution of the load weight. The centre of gravity is lower, which increases stability and traffic safety. The wagon can be equipped with large 800 wheels, which in combination with the trailer’s low curb weight of 3 tons both provide low ground compaction and great stability. 

Ivarsson i Metsjö's CEO Anders Ivarsson points out certain characteristics that he believes will attract customers: 

"A lot has happened in the baler market in recent years and today's bales are well packed and therefore heavy. We see MetaBale filling a gap in the market for higher payload trailers and a more professional axle suspension adapted to modern tractors that go at higher speeds.” 


The MetaBale has a flat surface of 9.5 meters and a payload of 21 tons. It has hydraulic suspension with laser-aligned axles. The trailer is equipped with load sensing air brakes and can be equipped with a steering rear axle. The hydraulic load securing can be opened per side.